Thursday, July 25, 2019

Wedlocke Challenge 3 Part 5: A Brief Musical Interlude

Part Five of this adventure is sadly another one of those long scripted story sections and hopefully this will be the last one but I honestly don't know.   To prepare for this long stuff that no one, even myself, cares about in this entry I have introduced a brief musical intermission that explains what we'll be doing in this entry.   That can be enjoyed by clicking here.

Yeah so if you watched that you know what we'll be doing.   We were back at our house and someone rang the doorbell.   It was probably Kukui who was just going to barge in before I could answer the door.   However, I was actually able to answer the door and it was Lillie.  She said Kukui told her to get that new trainer Wooo! or something along those lines and take me to the lab.   Right then my mom walked outside and gave me some spending money.   I'm not sure how much but every little bit helps.   Upon seeing Lillie she said the typical mom line, "How great it is that you're making friends already."   Yeeeah that's why I'm going on the Island Challenge to hang out with my friends...

Lillie and I had a brief conversation about Nebby before heading to the lab.  She told me it's real name was Cosmog.
Shhh, it's a secret to everyone
Basically a reference to a poorly translated Zelda line, but that's basically what Lillie told me.   Nebby was supposed to be a secret only known to a few individuals such as Kukui and Hala.   It was supposed to be a secret because she said some people would probably use Cosmog's powers for their own nefarious purposes.

Now I should note that the grass around Professor Kukui's lab does have new Pokemon but technically speaking it's till part of Route 1 and not a big enough departure to warrant catching a new Pokemon since I caught Gadget on Route 1.   Later on there is another place on Route 1 that I will be able to catch another Pokemon as it's a big enough shift but not in this case.

Not too much happened on the way to the lab as I fought two trainers.   The first was Youngster Kevin who had a Lv. 6 Inkay.   Gadget was leading and went with Vice Grip and forgetting that Inkay was based off a squid, it did have a beak, and ergo used Peck.   I didn't want to risk anything so I switched for Kipling.  I defeated Inkay pretty easily with some move that I didn't bother to record but Kipling rose up to Lv. 9 and Gadget went up to Lv. 7 and learned Mud-Slap.   Mud-Slap is a pretty weak move at only 20 power and it's a special Ground-type move.   Its usefulness lies in the fact that it almost always lowers the opponent's accuracy by one level which can be vital in a Locke challenge.  I found an Awakening on my way to battle Lass Madison who told me to take a look at her cute Pokemon.  I don't see a Yungoos as cute but to each their own.   I used two Mud-Slap first to lower accuracy while I survived Tackle the accuracy reduction wasn't working too well so I just used Vice Grip until it fainted.

As I neared the lab there was a large commotion and a lot of comical fist noises coming from inside the small cabin.   You could hear Kukui telling his Rockruff to give him all it had.  Lillie complained she would have to get another lab coat for him as her role as assistant included doing laundry but she didn't know how to mend so his ripped lab coat would be trashed.

Upon going into the lab it seemed Kukui is a fan of dogs as he had a Rockruff, a Snubbull, and another new Pokemon called Stufful which unlike the other Pokemon does not resemble a dog when it evolves.   He also had some Luvdisc in a tank and Poliwhirl in the basement.  Anyway Kukui said that he needed to update my Pokedex with some parts to make the Pokemon that was implanted inside it, yes there was a Pokemon in there, more active.   This Pokemon was Rotom an Electric/Ghost type which will change its appearance depending on what mechanical device it possesses.   Apparently this includes Pokedexes and holding hands of Trainers who the gaming franchises doesn't think are smart enough to figure out things.   Seriously this thing will not shut up and apparently it's even worse in Ultra Sun/Ultra great. 

Hau stopped by said it was kind of cool to have a Rotom Dex.  Lillie quickly prevented Hau from going up in the loft where she was camping out.   I went later when she wasn't looking.   Nothing of interest was there except for a Murkrow.  Kukui said my next step was The Trainer's School and said Liilie to show me the way as it would be a near Pokemon Center too.   As we all stepped outside to head to the Trainer's School it got pitch black for only a few seconds.  Lillie suggested that what happened may have been a lunar eclipse but lunar eclipses don't happen that quickly and there wasn't one scheduled for that day.   And like I said the pitch blackness only appeared for a few seconds and then it left.   What is going on?   Was it really just a lunar eclipse or something more sinister?   I would go for the latter but I honestly don't know.   Maybe we'll find out more as we continue on my Wedlocke adventure.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wedlocke Challenge 3 Part 4: Hau Hard is this Going to Be?

As I was nearing Iki Town on the previous route I could hear drums.  I was going back to Iki Town as there was a festival being held.   I knew this wouldn't be the last time I would be going to Iki Town but still not incredibly fascinating.   The festival was to celebrate the guardian deities of islands, namely Tapu Koko the guardian of Melemele Island.   However, I was a little more excited in celebrating the biggest meme that came from Pokemon Sun and Moon, an Alolan Exeggutor!
Well that's a shift...
Alolan Exeggutor is a lot taller than it's normal form of a shorter walking palm tree without a neck.   Regular Exeggutors are Grass/Psychic types.   Alolan Exeggutors are more my type as it is Grass/Dragon and I enjoy Dragon types.   However, I do try to stay away from double weaknesses if I can, and this one does have a double weakness to Ice as a lot of high-level dragons do.   But seeing as this has nothing to do with the game at the present moment I will continue on...

One of the main features of this festival was to have Pokemon battles to please Tapu Koko.   Now while Kahuna Hala is a very strong Pokemon Wedlocke would be over pretty quickly if he was my opponent since I would be one of the Trainers battling and I only had two Pokemon.   My opponent though was his grandson...Hau.   Who apparently was on his own Wedlocke challenge as his team consisted of only one Pokemon from Route 1 and his starter.   Which this was probably my main complaint about Sun and Moon is that the average amount of Pokemon a trainer has is two.  With a few exceptions, that number never raises above three.   The second in command and first in command of two rival factions in the game only have two Pokemon each.   At least it was that way in Pokemon Moon and it would probably be the same here.

Hau led out with a Lv. 6 Pichu.   This Pokemon is available on Route 1 and was actually the Pokemon I encountered after I caught Gadget, whom I was using to battle Pichu.   Pichu was obviously faster and used Thunder Shock for four damage while Gadget's Vice Grip took away about 1/3 of Pichu's max HP.  The next two turns consisted of me using Vice Grip after having my defense reduced by one level with Tail Whip.   The second Vice Grip of these two turns was a crit which caused Pichu to faint and of course that's when Pichu's ability Static decided to activate and paralyze me.

Hau then sent out his Lv. 7 Rowlet which of course I shifted for Kipling as I would have a type advantage and Gadget was paralyzed.  Litten excels in Speed so Kipling got to go first with Ember which took away about 1/2 of Rowlet's HP and it responded with a very weak Leafage which only did three damage.   Another Ember clinched my win against Hau and his Locke challenge was over...if he was doing one.   But no he's the friendly rival who just cares about having fun in battles where my main focus is surviving, here and at work.

Hala congratulated me on winning and gave me back the Sparkling Stone that he borrowed from me yesterday.  He had crafted it into a Z-Power Ring.   Yay something that I won't be using even though I'll have crystals to use...I wasn't a big fan of Z-Moves and am not looking forward to the next game mechanic in Sword and Shield called Dynamax.  Mega-evolution was a nice feature even though I wouldn't use it in a Locke challenge unless I had to. 

As I left I came across the two mysterious figures in futuristic suits again.   They were talking about measuring auras and the ones that emanated from me and Hau and the Power Ring in particular.   They weren't looking at me or aware of my presence behind them.   They did talk about going on to the next site though.   Where would this be?   Who are these people?   Who is the Blinding One they refer to?   I honestly don't know as I didn't get that far in my initial playthrough of this game but I guess we'll both find out as we continue with my Pokemon Wedlocke adventure...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wedlocke Challenge 3 Part 3: When Theme Songs Were Good

We went home after the whole ordeal at Iki Town and woke up the next day.   Someone rang the doorbell and as I went to answer it, Kukui just let himself in without asking permission before I got to the door.   He said that since now I'm an official Pokemon trainer he was going to teach me how to catch Pokemon, something a seasoned veteran like myself already knows how to do.   Anyway as he is a Professor who studies moves, he likes to put them in his speech.  He said to use my Agility (a move that increases your speed by two stages) and meet him on Route 1.  Of course he told me to weaken the Pokemon and then throw a Pokeball at it.   You know stuff I'm used to and then he left me with 10 Poke Balls and five Potions.   Finally I could catch a mate for Kipling.   Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long as the first Pokemon was a female so I could catch it and it was a Lv. 4 Grubbin.   Oddly enough, it was the same Pokemon that Kukui caught.   I used Scratch a few times as Ember would probably make it faint, threw a Pokeball at it and got my first pair. 
Grubbin the Larva Pokemon.  "If you find its nest, you shouldn't stick your hand inside.   You'll get bitten by an irritated Grubbin."
Um...thanks Pokedex entry as that's really informative.   Grubbin is a pure Bug type Pokemon and has the ability Swarm.  Swarm increases the power of Bug-type moves by 50% when its HP drops below 1/3 of its max.   This doesn't really help as its starting moves consists of Normal type Vice Grip and Bug type String Shot which doesn't do damage.   It took me a while to come up with a name for this girl.   I eventually settled on Gadget.   Knowing what Grubbin eventually becomes I found it apropos even though I may be thinking ahead.   I also based her name off the sciency mouse from Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers back when you had to actually pay for the Disney channel.  Gadget has a Bold Nature meaning her Defense will mature quickly while her Attack matures slowly which is kind of bad even though she has a good balance of special and physical moves especially when she evolves.   There is also one more thing I have been omitting each Pokemon has a characteristic which has the ability to raise a stat most easily when leveling up.  For example Kipling's characteristic is "thoroughly cunning."   This is pretty good as this means it's Special Attack may raise more when it levels up.   Gadget's characteristic is "Highly curious."  This also falls in the Special Attack category.

I got to put Gadget through her paces as I battled a few trainers on my way back to Iki Town.  My first encounter was with Lass Audrey who had a Lv. 3 Buneary.  The first turn was just exchanges of basic attacks Buneary going first with Pound and me using Vice Grip.   Next turn it used Defense Curl to raise it's Defense by one level which didn't do much as Vice Grip scored a critical hit.   Last turn was the same as the previous except Vice Grip wasn't critical but it did net Gadget her first win.

Youngster Jimmy was kind of the same Vice Grip until it faints battle against his Lv. 3 Caterpie and Gadget went to Lv. 5.  I found two Potions and on the way got to play with a Rockruff which is just like a little puppy or baby wolf.   Of course playing consists of turning in a circle and Rockruff repeating or playing Peekaboo with it.   It was a nice little diversion which despite me having a cat Pokemon I like dogs too.   Which I didn't mention this before but it's a fun little aesthetic; the furs on Kipling's back raise up when it uses Ember but anyway.

The last Trainer I faced was Preschool Oliver who had a Lv. 3 Alolan Rattata.    Now I should mention this now as what differentiates an Alolan Rattata from a regular Rattata.  Some Pokemon have different forms depending on what region they're from.  Regular Rattata are purple and Normal types.  Alolan Rattatas are black, have a little moustache stand on their hind legs and are Normal/Dark types.   Several Pokemon undergo these aesthetic differences as I will explain them as we encounter them.   Once again it was another Vice Grip battle.

As I neared Iki Town two strange people in futuristic suits were talking near the entrance and talked of The Blinding One.   I didn't mention it but these two individuals was one of the parties who pincered Lillie in the opening cut scene.   They saw me but seemed to pay me no mind.   Not really delving deep into it I found a Paralyze Heal in the nearby grass and did a little training.   I got Gadget up to Lv. 6 and Kipling up to Lv. 8 which let it learn Lick.  It's a Ghost type move that only has a 30 base power but its benefit is that has a 30% chance of causing paralysis.  But I needed this training because I had a battle coming up and I was not willing to part with either Kipling or Gadget yet so would I?   Find out next time on my continuing Wedlock adventure...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pokemon Wedlocke Challenge 3 Part 2: Gettin' Iki Wit It!

Route 1 leads from my house to the nearby Iki Town which is where my rival Hau lives.   Iki Town doesn't have any real big establishments.   There are a few primitive houses and the only real discerning feature is that there is a raised stage in the rear of the city that looks like a sumo set up.   Iki Town is also known as "the place where we give thanks to Pokemon" or at least that's what it says on the sign.   The most notable Pokemon people give thanks to is the so called guardian deity of Melemele Island, which is the island we're currently on.   Iki Town is where people go to give thanks for the deity called Tapu Koko.

We were supposed to meet the Kahuna here but he's nowhere to be found.  Also nowhere to be found is Hau's house.   He said he was going to show Rowlet to his mom and yet none of the houses showed Hau or his relatives.   Anyway, Kukui wouldn't let me leave town and he stood by the entrance just in case the Kahuna came back.   There was an area leading out of the town that was kind of wooded.   It led to the so-called Ruins of Conflict which was reached by Mahalo Trail as it was called.

We finally came full circle as the young blonde girl in the white dress was seen further up Mahalo Trail talking to the thing in her bag saying she knows it wants to see the ruins and just to stay hidden.  As we get to the top of Mahalo Trail the Pokemon that the girl was harboring finally jumped out of the bag and ran out on to Plank Bridge.   It was a little levitating purple Pokemon with a black face and two upper amorphous appendages that looked like they were filled with stars.   Unfortunately as it ran on to Plank Bridge a flock of Spearows decided to try and attack it.  The girl looked at me and asked me to save the Pokemon which she was calling Nebby.  I wasn't really going anywhere until I do so as I stepped on to Plank Bridge one of the Spearow attacked me.   Kipling took it down pretty easily and went up to Lv. 7 thanks to the experience points.   I then went out further on to the bridge that shook every few steps, to shield the Pokemon with my body from the Spearow.   The Pokemon was scared and it decided to glow like it did in the previous cutscene and unleashed its power.   Unfortunately that also destroyed the bridge and it looked like we were going to take a swim in the ravine below against our will.   But just as were falling a Pokemon swooped down, destroying the Spearow in its wake and saving us from certain doom.  We were just saved by Tapu Koko.
Tapu Koko an Electric/Fairy type.   Legendary Pokemon and guardian of Melemele Island.
Tapu Koko though disappeared shortly after bringing me to safety.   It was here I found out the young girl's name was Lillie.  She also found a Sparkling Stone behind her and decided to give it to me as it wasn't there before the arrival of Tapu Koko.   I walked her back to Iki Town and it's here I found out that Lillie was actually an assistant to Kukui.   Also at this time the Kahuna was returning, Kahuna Hala.  He is a large man with white hair and a white moustache.   Also sporting a colorful wardrobe with a blue shirt, overlapped by a yellow shirt with a white floral print, white shorts and blue sandals with white lei straps.   Apparently some Rockruff were causing problems which is why he was called away.  Upon returning Kukui finally gave me my Pokedex and a Trainer Passport.

Kahuna Hala noticed the Sparkling Stone I had and asked if he could see it.   He realizes it's from Tapu Koko and asks to borrow it but he says he will give it back to me the next day.   What does he want with it and when will I find out what my next Pokemon is?  Find out in the next episode of my third Wedlocke adventure...

Monday, July 15, 2019

Pokemon Wedlocke Challenge 3 Part 1: I'm Sorry Mr. President

OK I may have mispoke in my previous entry.   This is actually my third attempt at a Wedlocke Challenge, even though I thought it was my fourth.   But no, my first two were Pokemon Black 2 and Y respectively.    But now I got that out of the way let's go on.   Also Kipling's ability Blaze only raises Fire-type attacks by 50% once below 1/3 of its max HP.   It's been a while since I've played Pokemon so please forgive these mistakes.

Like most games, we start by getting introduced to the professor of the region and in this case we get a laid-back surfer dude named Professor Kukui who studies Pokemon moves specifically.  He gave the usual speech on how Pokemon help our lives and those who battle call themselves Pokemon trainers yada yada yada.   He asked me for my name and as I do in most Locke challenges, I go by my real name.   You probably know what that is as I link these to my Facebook, but of course it is Sean.   Along the same vein I will be playing as a boy and I had four choice of appearance which mainly consisted of skin tone and hair color.  I went with fairly light skin and dark hair which is what I have even though I have a farmers tan.   After I got done talking to Kukui, my mom called me from downstairs to help with some boxes.    We just moved to the Alola region from the Kanto region.   And for those of you who don't know Kanto is the region in where the original games Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow takes place.

But before we could go with the joyous excitement of moving, we zoom in on a magazine that was on my desk and get to a cutscene.   We see a blonde girl in a white dress running away from some workers also in white uniforms.   She is running what looks to be like a botanical garden/science facility and she is holding something with eyes in a bag that she's carrying.    She finds herself surrounded by workers soon.   While all hope seems lost for this girl the Pokemon that the girl was carrying glows inside the bag and we're treated to the title screen. 

Kind of jarring but the next scene shows my mom on our veranda enjoying the Alola sun with our Meowth.   More cats!   Which this cat actually seems rather obedient as my mom asks Meowth to wake me up and it actually does it!   My room has been updated a bit since Pokemon Sun and Moon.   I now have a Switch instead of a Wii U (which makes sense as this was the last Pokemon game to be on the 3DS at the time) and my bedspread has the silhouette of a Pinsir in the bottom right corner which I thought was kind of cool.   My bedroom also has a large tv, desk, coatrack which has my hat and bag on which I will put on later, and a large Snorlax doll.

Anyway I exchange some dialogue with my mom before I leave our large house and head on Route 1.  One way is blocked by a kid and the road to the neighboring city is blocked so I guess I'm going the other way on Route 1.  Along the way I met a girl who sang "You can go with me, if you dash with B"   She asked for a critique on her song...yeah you don't want me to be brutally honest with that as I am usually tactless.   I did have to walk through some tall grass which is dangerous without a Pokemon as a Pokemon may jump out at you like a wild Yungoos did.
Now where I have seen this before....?
Thankfully, three Pokemon Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet came to my rescue standing between me and the wild attacker.   They eventually intimidated the Pokemon back into the grass and I left unscathed.   A voice called from behind and it was Professor Kukui.  He said it was kind of odd for those starters to help a stranger and that they were all Pokemon that all new trainers get to start with on their journey.   Kukui let me pick my first Pokemon and as established in my first entry I chose Litten.   I picked up Litten in my arms holding it underneath its front arms.   It kind of looked pissed off at me as most cats look a lot of the time, but then a smile crept across its face and I was set.   Kukui gave me Litten's Pokeball so I could recall it 

Kukui and I walked a short distance with Rowlet and Popplio out of their Pokeballs until we came across a young boy about my age.  He introduced his name as Hau and if you guessed it, yep this is my rival.   He was a little upset that I got to pick my Pokemon before him but Kukui explained circumstances kind of got in the way.   Now here's the first indication that this game is easier...Hau picked Rowlet as his starter.   So he picked the Pokemon that would have a type disadvantage against me.

He of course challenged me to a Pokemon battle.  I sent out Kipling (the nickname for my Litten if you missed the previous entry) and got to go first with Ember while Rowlet used Tackle.   I used Ember once again and Kipling went up to Lv. 6. Hau didn't seem phased as he just likes battles when they're fun.   But we had to go to the next town as the Pokemon I got was not a present from Kukui but a present from the Island Kahuna....who we will meet in the next episode of Wedlocke Challenge #3....

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Ultra Lame: Pokemon Wedlocke Challenge 3

You may be wondering why I never complete one of these and for that I don't really have an answer but I'm starting one up again.   A lot of people have been saying that Pokemon games have become relatively easy as of late and for the most part I would agree.   The game I will be using this Wedlocke challenge for follows that easy theme as I will be doing a Wedlocke through Pokemon Ultra Sun.  I'm doing this for a few reasons.   While one of those is stupid, I feel while these challenges put me on edge, compared to how work will be for me the next few weeks, this will actually help me unwind.   Also because it is summer I figured since I don't have vacation days I will take a vacation to an in-game locale, in Ultra Sun it's the Alola region.   And if the name didn't give it away the Alola region is based off the Hawaiian Islands.  I've never been to Hawaii but I'm not much of a travel person.    Anyway, I decided on a Wedlocke as I kind of like that a little more than Nuzlockes.   It makes it harder and allows you to become more attached to your Pokemon which is a good and bad thing.    Once again I will explain the rules of a Wedlocke challenge.

1) As in all Locke challenges, if one of your Pokemon faints, that Pokemon is considered dead and must either be released or permaboxed.   I always choose the latter as it is really hard for me to release them.

2) Also in all Locke challenges, every Pokemon must have a nickname.  It helps you bond with them more and makes the heartache of losing one all the more real.   Yes I'm a masochist.

3) You can only catch the first Pokemon you see in any new area.  If it runs away or faints, you have lost the opportunity to catch a Pokemon in said area.   There are clauses that can supercede this rule and I will list them later.

4) In a Wedlocke challenge all Pokemon must be in pairs.   While sexuality is an open subject, my couples will consist of one male and one female.  So non-gender Pokemon cannot be caught.

5) When Pokemon are assigned to a pair they cannot be part of another pair, unless their partner faints.

6) When battling only one pair can battle at a time.  If your Pokemon faints, their partner must avenge them.   Only if both Pokemon faint can you switch to another pair in battle.

Basically those are the main rules of a Wedlocke.   The clauses I will be using that can supercede rule three are:

1) Gift Clause.  If any Pokemon is given to you as a gift, not a trade but a gift, you are allowed to accept that Pokemon even if you have already caught a Pokemon in said area.

2) Shiny Clause.  If a Shiny Pokemon (Pokemon of a different color) appears.  I am allowed to catch this even if I already caught a Pokemon of that type or in that area.

3) Dupes Clause.  If a Pokemon appears that I have already caught or an evolution of that Pokemon I have already caught I am allowed to run away or make that Pokemon faint until I encounter a Pokemon I have not caught.

4) Gender Clause.   Obviously since all Wedlocke Pokemon must be in pairs you are only allowed to catch Pokemon of a certain gender.   For example if I have a male Pokemon, I can only catch a female Pokemon and vice versa.  If I run into a Pokemon of the gender I don't need.   I can try for another Pokemon until I get the gender I need even if it isn't the first Pokemon I encounter.

Ok now as usual there are a few new mechanics in the Alola Region that will place limitations on what I can do.  The biggest change in Alola is that there are no Gyms.   Your main objective in the game is to beat Totem Pokemon and Island Kahunas.   By beating these challenges you get items called Z-Crystals which allow Pokemon to use a very strong move called Z-Moves.   I will not be using these to place limitations on myself.

Secondly, there is a concept called Pokemon Refresh which allows you to groom your Pokemon after a battle and increase your friendship with them.  I will not be using this with the exception of healing status ailments: poison, paralysis etc.  The reason I won't be using this is because high friendship will give your Pokemon certain benefits such as increased Exp. points or surviving an attack that would normally knock it out.   While I can achieve these benefits via friendship it will not be through Pokemon Refresh.

And that is basically all I have to say for now.   But we will introduce my first Pokemon who will be my first partner on my journey through the Alola region.   As usual I arrange the Pokemon in alphabetical order and roll a dice.   If I roll a 1 or 2 my first Pokemon is Litten.    If I roll a 3 or 4 my first Pokemon is Popplio (which I used in my Moon playthrough) and if I roll a 5 or a 6 my first Pokemon will be Rowlet.   I rolled my physical die and I rolled a 1 so my first Pokemon in the Alolan region is Litten.
Litten the Fire Cat Pokemon.  "If you try too hard to get close to it, it won't open up to you.   Even if you do grow close, giving it too much attention is still a no-no."
I like cats and its Pokedex entry is definitely reminiscent of a cat.  Cats love attention...if it's on their terms.  Litten is a pure Fire type Pokemon and starts with the moves Scratch, Growl and Ember.   My Litten is male and has a Naive Nature.     This means that its Speed will mature quickly but its Special Defense will mature slowly.  Not the best nature but it could be worse.  It has the special ability Blaze which increases the power of Fire-type moves by 1.5 when Litten's HP drops below 1/3 of its max.  Generally I name my starters after mythology.   While I'm sure there was a perfect name out there somewhere, I went with a literary route.   I named my Litten Kipling after author Rudyard Kipling who is famous for novels Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and The Jungle Book.   Litten kind of reminds me a bit of Shere Khan, the tiger from the Jungle Book which is I went that way.   Even though Shere Khan is scared of fire but that's how it goes. 

So yep I'm being ultra lame by starting another blog entry on another Wedlocke challenge but I enjoy doing these and hopefully I can finish this one.  We start the adventure on the next episode of my fourth Wedlocke challenge

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Clocklocke Challenge Part 8: The Ol' Fishing Hole

So I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon but before I could Professor Elm's aide stopped me.  Professor Elm found some more things about the egg and found it would be better if it travelled with other Pokemon.   Also since he couldn't take the time to look after it he asked if I would.  However, because eggs can't be carried separately and actually has to take space as one of the Pokemon on your team, I had to deposit one of my Pokemon in my PC Box.   So for the time being, I deposited Brie in my PC Box.   Her attack was good and she had Quick Attack but was probably the one Pokemon I was willing to give up.   But I took the egg stocked up at the Pokemart and started going down Rt. 32. 

Route 32 has a side attraction called the Ruins of Alph.   I know what resides there, but I want to see if I can go there later to get my encounter as there is a pretty neat and possibly useful Pokemon I can catch later.   For the actual route though I rolled a 4, so I would be getting another daytime Pokemon.   My first encounter was a Lv. 4 Ekans.    I took it down with some Vine Whips to the yellow or red but despite that, this Pokemon was a brat as I had to use five Pokeballs, FIVE POKEBALLS, before it finally decided to be caught.
Ekans the Snake Pokemon.   "It flutters the tip of its tongue to seek out the scent of prey, then swallows the prey whole."
Ekans, yeah that's a creative name; and the next Pikachu wannabe is going to be called Uhcakip.  But its evolution also follows the same formula, albeit spelled wrong to be more creative I guess.   Ekans is another one of those Pokemon who got its popularity from the anime being the partner of Jessie from Team Rocket.   Because, the Ekans I caught was a female I did decide to call her Jessie.   Ekans is a pure Poison type but unfortunately is not one of the greatest Pokemon out there now that Wrap had been fixed.   This may explain why Team Rocket was always losing.   I had to go back to town to buy more Pokeballs and I didn't bother putting Jessie on my team so she's staying in the box for right now.

As I traveled down the route, I ran into someone who congratulated me on beating Falkner and gave me a Miracle Seed as a reminder of Violet City.   I gave the Miracle Seed to Lips.   A Miracle Seed is a held item that will increase the power of Grass type moves.   Lips was the only Pokemon to have a grass type move so it made sense.   The first trainer I ran into was Youngster Albert who started with a Lv. 6 Ratatta and I was leading with Lips.   Albert had rotten luck as he went first with Tail Whip, which failed and I used Vine Whip.   The next turn was exactly the same and Ratatta fainted.   He then sent out a Lv. 8 Zubat.   I shifted for Brooke.  Zubat used Supersonic but it missed.  I went first with Supersonic which left Zubat with just a little bit of HP and unfortunately Supersonic connected this time so I was confused.  Now it was my time for the bad luck as I spent three turns hitting myself while Leech Life did minimal damage.  I actually had to use a Potion and it was embarrassing, but such seems to be the "luck" in these games.   After the potion was administered I was finally able to put the Zubat down with another hit from Confusion.

I found a Repel on the ground.  The next trainer I encountered was Camper Roland who had a Lv. 9.  male Nidoran.  Because I know male Nidoran can learn Peck, I switched Lips for Brooke.   Granted Peck would do significant damage to her too but she had Confusion also.  When shifting it used Leer.   I got to go first the next turn and of course against a Poison type I used Confusion while it did Tackle for nine damage.   The next turn Confusion won me the battle.   Lips got up to Lv. 11 and finally learned another offensive move, ableit a very weak one Wrap.   Which will do minimal damage for 2-5 turns after being used and will not allow the victim to be switched out. 

There were more Trainers to battle but I also knew there was a Pokemon Center at the bottom of this route.   Before I could get there a fat man stopped me and asked me if I would like a delicious Slowpoke tail...I know what Slowpokes tails look like so I don't know why they would be tasty.   Anyway he offered it to me for only 1 million Pokedollars, oh is that all 1 million?!?!   I of course say no and then he berates me and says scram and shoo.   Excuse me, you were the one who stopped me you jerk!  What made you think a 10 year old kid had a spare million anyways?!   Yes I may get money for beating trainers but not that much.

As I went into the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon, I talked to the NPC's and one was a fisherman.   He asked if I like fishing.  In real life I don't, but I said yes and he gave me an Old Rod.   I don't know if I'll ever use it because Magikarps while advantageous once the evolve are kind of hard to raise.   That and the fact I'll have a chance to catch a Gyarados later on in the game, provided I make it that far.   I decided to weed out the trainers that I passed on the way to the Pokemon Center.  To make this entry short.   I fought:  Bird Keeper Peter, Youngster Gordon, Fisher Henry, Fisher Justin, Picnicker Liz and Fisher Ralph.   In all these battles Backdraft got up to Lv. 12 and learned his first Fire move Ember.  And Lips got up to Lv. 13. 

To make some humor, a couple trainers did ask for my phone number.  Picknicker Liz was one and originally I was going to say no but when a girl says "Awww, you won't be my friend?" well I felt bad and accepted it.   Yes I am a very emotional man, don't judge me.  Also Fisher Ralph asked for my phone number and I said no and I didn't feel too bad when he said he doesn't blame a young person not wanting his phone number.   He said even his kids don't want his phone number, and that's kind of understandable yet kind of sad.  If I was playing an actual game, I would get his phone number as he will alert you when there's a swarm of Qwilfish but since I already caught Jessie, I had no way to catch one. 

Before I got to the sight of my next gym battle in Azalea Town, I had to pass through the Union Cave, which thankfully I didn't need to use Flash.   Also I checked my PC because I remembered my mom called to tell me she spent some of my money on a Super Potion so I put that in my inventory.   Before going in to Union Cave I rolled a 1, my first morning Pokemon.  What will it be, find out next time on my Clocklocke adventure.